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The EVS experience is about YOU and what you stand for. It defines YOU the more and makes you find a path for your future. EVS is all about you because YOU decide to take this step and the experience is about YOU and how YOU mould yourself before during and after the project. For me it was a WIN-WIN situation. I will show you how.

1. EVS - First and foremost it's an "European Volunteer Service". I am from Africa, so what takes me here? KEEP DOING YOU. I am here for me. I am here to move out of my comfort zone and explore other cultures. I took my first international trip and people were still puzzled as to why i chose Romania, but why not? KEEP DOING YOU. I came based on the project and not based on the country. Of course i did my research and got all checked out for my safety, pleasure and exposure and i offered myself to come.
2. CULTURE SHOCK - Everything is different from my kind of setting back in Africa. From weather to people to food to culture to everything. I was surprised there were few dark skinned people here so for i was very new to a lot of people including my target group (children). But i kept DOING ME, I used the shock to share my culture, my origin and my continent. As much as I gave out, i acquired also a lot of information about the Romanian culture. I was able to satisfy the curiosity of my target group through non-formal education.
3. MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: I run my own organisation in Ghana ( and as part of my coming here, I wanted to learn a lot from my hosting organisation as to how to run my organisation in a much professional way. I was privileged to have trainings on non-formal education, volunteers management system, teacher-child relationship system, teacher-volunteer relationships system, volunteer weekly schedule etc. I have gained sack loads of ideas as to how to manage my events and projects back home to be more effective. I created an online television platform (A.C.T.O.R Tv) to speak with volunteers and facilitators during training sessions and these were very great moments which we captured on screen.
4. CULTURAL DIVERSITY: In theory, I studied "How to manage difficult employees" as part of my courses for Bachelor. In reality, I experienced how to live with difficult people. KEEP DOING YOU, we all came here with different way of doing things, different up-bringing, different culture and different ways of treating people. EVS gave me the platform to accept people for who they are and flow with the energy that each individual comes with. I made a win-win bet in this aspect by opening up to opinions and views. There was no need to challenge, argue or fight. It's all about people management and this made me stronger and wiser as I learnt a lot from other volunteers through effective communication and exchange of information.
5. LIFE AFTER EVS: When you dream, dream big, because it might just come true. One of my aims was to get a partnership deal for my foundation back home and by hardwork help from the "Almighty", I managed to get a partnership deal with an organisation in Europe. I managed to get "Pervita Foundation" registered with the Erasmus for future projects.
EVS is about you. What can you offer? What or how much are you willing to acquire? How much can you serve? How much can you impact in the lives of people? Is your EVS reflective or passive? KEEP DOING YOU.

Keep up the spirit of volunteerism everywhere you go. Keep up the act of kindness through out your endeavors. Keep up the spirit of responsibility and KEEP ON KEEPING ON. KEEP DOING YOU... Life is too short, lend a helping hand!!!

Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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