Think smart. Think big. Think. And be a volunteer

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I had a long way to go until the happy end as a volunteer. At first I was unofficial volunteer in the corporation I worked in. One very unfriendly place with some interesting things to do, like this initiative where around 12 people tried to change the environment. And we did it.
The volunteers are in general the people who make a change in the society. Because they give all of their energy and they are really interested in what they are doing. I believe that you know that very good.
But back to my story
I made many travels and lines over the European map and the city where I’m living now. It’s all because of the volunteerism.
The moment when I realized and recognized myself as a volunteer was when I`d just felt in love with Youth in action programme when I took part in one exchange in Belgium. I was there with 26 amazing people from different countries and I came back home a little bit different. More confident and definitely more inspired! Inspired to work in the future for the program and for non-formal education, that`s so important in life. It was extremely interesting what I`ve learned about things that otherwise I didn`t know much for – how to make hut in the forest, fire, knots and many others. I`ve found the work there fulfilling and enjoyable. And I`m absolutely sure that I`ll use the knowledge from these games that I`ve learned there. They are applicable to all projects which require a introduction of new idea or practice. I was very happy to see how people have changed and developed their potential during the camp too. Meeting and understanding people from other cultures or different generations is something I truly love.
YiA is such a great program and great opportunity for young people but it is still not well known across Europe and it`s is not only an opportunity for volunteers but also for the local communities that host them.
The next logical step was EVS (European Voluntary Service) in beautiful city with many interesting people around with who I had the chance to share my love of nature, tango, table-tennis and some other of my hobbies.
Me, the 25 years old, didn’t expect that I will learn so much from the activities which are not organized every time from someone else, which are not officially called “work” (you know what I mean if you see “this” face of your grandmother when you explain that you are a volunteer, just quit your job and going abroad), which are not paid and prestige in some groups in the society. But now I`m so much better in sharing opinion, editing media, developing and following a common idea, cooperation, task division, time and project management, using best way of own human resources. So, sometimes the people don’t know what is the best for you.
It`s wonderful - I saw so many smiles in front of me because of my work. More importantly, during the volunteering I met people who I`ll never forget.
I feel that I received much more than I ever gave. I was changed and I change the city too. I got love from people I didn't even know before. I gained a perspective I couldn't possibly have gotten from a book, I found inspiration that I didn`t expect and learned lessons I will never learn at a school or a university. Lessons in courage.
I got to know a different kind of life, because I was part of my working and living place and I got know people in a very privileged way (the local people with whom I work and other volunteers).
And I`ve found myself enjoying the work to the full! I believe that volunteering gives me an opportunity to change lives, including my own. I think it`s a great way for young people to gain an amazing experience.
When you participate in project like this one you learn all the time, your brain starts to work in little bit different way, everything is new and almost everything is memorized. You learn more than you expect, more than you think is possible. And you have the chance (even The Chance) to find your dream job and to do what you like to do in your free time, whatever you love.
To be volunteer give me the feeling for an enormous sense of job satisfaction and achievement. Also an awareness that I don’t need to be someone in power to make a difference. .
After the EVS there is a great chance to start from 0 and build everything you want to have. At the moment I’m volunteer in several organizations, working with people from all ages and with different backgrounds and my communication with them is amazing and my role as a volunteer gives me a special role in their live and the opportunity to organize my daily life as I want.
The other thing that I discovered is that the voluntary experience suits perfect to your CV. It’s sexy and charming for the employers.
At the end I just can write:
My dream came true. I have the life I want to have. That happens when we dream and think.
Think with your… heart!

Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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