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LA VITA E’ UNA CHANCE: Não esperes que te caia do Céu

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Giornata grigia, umida e piovosa, come quasi tutte le giornate invernali qui a Lisbona.
Una pioggia sottile guidata dal vento bagna il mio viso
Un viso diverso, perso.


Impresiones de Chisinau o de cómo llegué hasta aquí

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Moldavia siempre ha estado asociado a aspectos negativos; por eso antes de llegar y por el desconocimiento de la mera existencia del país, la sensación que tenía era de miedo y agitación ante lo desconocido. Desde que me baje del avión el día 17 de julio a las 17:30 h. nunca más he vuelto a experimentar esa sensación. 


Dear Nineteen-Years-Old-Me...

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I am nineteen, it is winter. I have the toughest time in my life, I am really depressed. It is the darkest place of the Universe, and it is inside my head. I don't see any light, any future. I know that I will live and die as nobody, and it will be a horribly long and pointless life.
I do not have any dreams. I wish I had one, but I cannot create any.
It's been a long time since I am like that. Do not want anything for months. Any thing.


The Trail I Paved

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How I found the best job in the world in Dolomites, Italy, thanks to the EVS (European Voluntary Service)

 Written by Ivan Kuznetsov

Good luck

A long time ago I realized, that good things in life often happen by chance. Sometimes we prepare for something, for example, we plan a new trip, but our expectations are different from reality. “We couldn’t imagine it this way”, – we say. However it can be the other way around. No, planning is important. But sometimes everything goes against our plans… because of the plans. For this reason we have to make plans – to change them!


Mother earth....

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 Volunteering on "Italy Farm Stay" was more than just a project, it was one of those things that changed my life; actually it added more value to my life.

The decision or rather initial prompt was my travels abroad. I was embarking on a change of life and if I could not find paid work I wanted to experience Italy from the inside and get to know a part of it I would never get to know if I was a tourist... I found work!

Eleven months after my arrival to Italy this all changed! Mother nature is a wonderful thing, I say this because my next prompt arrived in a matter of 40 seconds. What changes the life of many people in such a short amount of time? Of course, a natural disaster. May 20th 2012 Mirandola, Italy experienced it's first earthquake... I experienced my first natural disaster and then on the 29th the second shattered everything. It was time to move on.

So what did I do? Of course when I ask this question an answer comes in the most interesting ways. Italy Farm Stay Abruzzo. I made contact, I packed my bag and off I went. If I remember correctly I had organised 3 weeks on the farm. Here I had all this built up nervous energy to expell. And what better way then to give it to the land.

Antonello was wonderful, Linda was patient and Maria and Giuseppe the mother and father were my inspiration. Actually they all are. Each with there role and then I found that working on farm like this was what I needed.

The farm is an organic agriturismo her they work to make a living the best way they can, here I learn to become part of this life, apart of the farm. It wasn't meant to be a holiday, it was a place that I knew would fill my days with a different type of activity each day, each moment.

7:00 wake up

7:30 breakfast

8:00 begin work

12:30 stop for lunch

14:00 clear up and relax

18:00 help prepare dinner

20:00 dinner

21:00 clean up

and I loved this routine, I breathed it in. i observed, I learnt, we shared, I fell in love with the life style. I chopped, I shoveled, I lifted, I moved, I carried, I cleaned, I created and we worked in / as a team with Antonello's, Linda's, Maria's and Giuseppe's guidance.

How time past and in this period I watched many different projects unfold, I learnt about me and my limits, I also learnt that I was adaptable and a survivor. After the earth quake I learnt to love mother earth and respect her and her animals, more so than I did prior.  Maybe even more than my hosts. ;)

This was to be my first experience as a volunteer on the land, it was and will not be my last.​

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The EVS experience is about YOU and what you stand for. It defines YOU the more and makes you find a path for your future. EVS is all about you because YOU decide to take this step and the experience is about YOU and how YOU mould yourself before during and after the project. For me it was a WIN-WIN situation. I will show you how.


Home is where your heart is …

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This is my story. Even if I'm trying to explain it really hard, I'll probably be the only one who can understand it completely. My EVS project was, unfortunately, not my dream project, but even if it wasn't, it changed me a lot. I don't know exactly: how, why and in what way, but I feel I am different after I've turned back home. I didn't realised what I want to do in my life, but now I know what I clearly don't want to do, which is also important, right?


Responsabilità poco più alte di un metro

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Gouran, 1 agosto 2013

Si alzano al mattino molto presto, ancor prima che il sole dia il buongiorno a questo mondo. Non escono quasi mai da soli, spesso si riuniscono in piccoli gruppetti, raramente sono in coppia. Camminano sulle loro ciabatte di gomma che hanno già percorso chissà quanti chilometri: la suola è sottile e calca alla perfezione la forma dei piedi, così agili nel correre tra pezzi di ferro appuntiti, vetri di bottiglie rotte e sassi. Guidano carretti trainati da asini stanchi, restano seduti vicino ad un foyer dove si preparano frittelle dolci o speziate al peperoncino, osservano chi passa in strada cercando in ognuno il prossimo cliente.



Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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