A Hare Does Not Care About His Hair

Imagine yourself standing on a hill one rain soaked sunny morning, getting a lungful of a mix of alcohols, excrement, and blood! The pleasures of the night previous shoot through your head with a mild headache, as you open your eyes taking in the sunlight. When you cast a look down upon the Charybdis of souls whirling from five different rivers, anxious to be purified, you realize at that moment that you are looking at the centre of the universe. You start feeling the ancient hunger of the wolves growling from within your stomach.

I was such an innocent pup not long ago; feeling a false sense of safeness in my lair; in the centre of my concrete forest, where every brick of every house was laid down with mortar mixed of: cool hairdos, appropriate clothes for appropriate occasions, regular hygiene, politeness, hidden desires, broken wills, the unwritten propagandic words of conservatism, of devolution, of the lies of our lives! Just after starting my EVS experience did I find the fire to burn down that city in only four words; written on a white banner, connecting the two forests of the valley of freedom.

Welcome to Woodstock Reincarnated! The one place on the globe that can bear the name of the legendary stage where Hendrix was strumming his guitar in front of half a million concert goers. Everything around you, every little detail will remind you of the fabled '69. It is a time machine that is steaming for four days, saying goodbye to every Polish summer, every year for this last brace of decades. With almost three quarters of a million on board, this train takes you through the land of wonders governed by the gods of Rock - Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll. The journey is arduous and perilous if you consider the ultimate form of hedonism to be just that. There are times when you think you’ll rail off, but if you hold on tightly you’ll come out cleansed, in mind and body, from the stench of capitalistic death. The chains of superficiality holding you back, not letting you enjoy life get broken, and you finally begin to breath as you were supposed to – as a human being, not as another consumer wondering which chair to buy next.

The vale of the hares, where hungry chained wolves get transfored by the truth into joy-hopping bohemians, knows no boundaries. It knows no social structure, no leaders, no followers, but no sameness as well, as there are as many worlds spilling colours on each other, as there are minds buzzing. It is an enchanting place, a bubble seen from space that scintillates in all the hues of the spectrum of our imaginations. Here you are Alice in Wonderland, with roads that lead everywhere and in anytime. There is an apparent energy in the air, that the inhabitants of this magical place create, and eat; that warms their nests, and weaves their stories together.

We go down to basics on Woodstock: Love, Friendship, Music, pleasures of the body and mind; without a single care of time and money, the most important commodities of today. It is a timeless gap in reality, filled with Jimi’s psychedelic colours. You can feel his riffs electrifying your skin as you walk half naked and barefooted, greeted by friendly strangers who are there to help you in any way possible. As I recall the night when we arrived, we were a little bit late, rushing to set up our tent and go to the Machine Head concert. Frustration took hold of us, as we hassled with the ropes without the flashlight that we forgot. Two tipsy neighbours came bearing the words: “Would you happen to need some light?” That light turned out to be the one that parting souls see at the end of the tunnel.

Then the great wizard materialized above our heads; only his bright silhouette filling our sights, vibrating when his booming voice spoke: "I gathered you here, ye lost people reborn into your animal avatars! The well of destiny awaits your mouths, to be ravaged by your hungry bellies! To destroy your plastic egos, and peel off your skin, revealing your true bones to strike mediocrity with!

As the metal strings on Robb Flynn’s guitar started playing "Davidian", the thrill took hold of us. With the spirits under our arms we started running, and pushing our way just in front of the mosh pit. Believe me! You do not know the true meaning of a mosh pit if you haven’t been on Woodstock. It’s the most thrilling rollercoaster in the World. You can feel the blood wanting to explode, as you battle to keep yourself on your feet and act as a wave for crowd surfers…

"And we shall all turn into one big organic soundball" cried the white wizzard.
"When you followed me down the rabbit hole, knowingly or not, you chose yourselves. And on this table, everybody gets his share of tea and cookies!" his words turned into the backbone of this huge beast that was gestating in every pore around us.
"We will ride out this wave of scream and we'll silence Apathy with it! We'll crash her red wall at the end, and spill our souls, all over her death plains! We shall leash the bitch! We shall keep our hides away from her bites! we shall know true peace!!!

The day afterwards, heavy rain washed over us as we were returning from the store with a little bit of food to satisfy the only need that we had - hunger (I mentioned that it's all down to the basics here). Anyway, as we were fooling around in the mud, Dubioza Kolektiv surprisingly announced their performance. I was so bummed out that I didn’t get to see them on their previous concert. You can imagine my exhilaration while I was shop-cart racing under the rains of a mud mushroom, feeling the reggae, ska, rock, rap, rock beats of Dubioza. Just imagine a big playground for children. Pure happiness grabs you by the soul, rips it open, and fills you up. I should have taken a jar of that mud; for remembrance.

As we obliterated the queen's armies, our fill of blood and battle made us hungry. Looking exactly the opposite of her high guests; silk wearing, pompous looking, inflated clowns, we entered her chambers, to finally put a stop to this charade; to take back all the hearts she stole. They were hidden jealously in her coffin under her rich garments, and wigs; throbbing less and less with each passing day; some of them already shattered, and empty, but it wasn't a Pyrrhic victory, as many of us had their beats once more, to bloodshoot their eyes the morning after the night.

There is so much to talk about Woodstock, and as I am writing this I am thinking about adding more and more, but I do realize there are some restrictions. I just have to mention a word or two about the music as well: there is something for everyone; from electro to heavy metal, every corner of the musical sphere is covered. The main stage was of course reserved for his majesty - rock. The best thing ever is that (I forgot to mention) this life-changing journey is for free!

Heads of different sizes were once again allowed in this restored Wonderland, to again enjoy all the wonders until the end of their times. Bare, one with their soul - true reflections of their innernesses, they were beautiful the night when all went into their trance, the night before the big metal worm took us all home.

The morning of departure was one of the gloomiest I have ever experienced. With only 2 hours of sleep, and alcohol in our blood, we were hoping to catch the train before everyone else. We were very much mistaken. Have you ever seen how people get in the metro in Tokyo? There are special individuals in front of the metro doors whose job is to shove people inside. Police officers were literally doing that. We were playing tetris inside the train. We were physically and mentally exhausted from the ride of this hippie train, but it’s one of those rides worth taking. I have already put the first coin in my piggy bank for next year's trip.

And in our now destroyed house, by the crooked mirror on the wall, I engraved the truth: "A Hare Doesn't Care about his Hair."

Keep an open mind. Stay away from plasticity.