Associazione Culturale Link, together with the network RIVE - Rete Italiana Volontariato Europeo and the international partners, launches the fifth edition of Scriptamanent. This competition is open to citizens of the World, without an age limit, who have done (in the last 3 years), or are still doing, any kind of volunteer service abroad. The project is self-financed by the promoters.


There are two separate categories in which you can compete, and one OFF category in which you can participate:

a) Category SCRIPTA (written story); prize: invitation to the presentation in Italy
A submission of a written piece, inspired by the experience, is mandatory. The written works should be in the length of at least two pages (one page is made up of 1800 characters, including spacing), but no longer than five pages.
The works can be written in one of the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and German.

The best story will be awarded with the invitation of the author to a presentation meeting in Altamura (Italy) to be organized in summer 2015. Link will cover all the expenses for travel and lodging during 3 days.

b) Category PLUS (story + extra material); winning reward of 250 euro
- images (maximum 10, .jpeg format, good resolution, color or b/w)
- videos (maximum 3 minutes in total, one or more smaller ones, 720p resolution)
- audios (maximum length of 3 minutes in total, one or more smaller ones)
- presentation (ppt, prezi, etc.)
You can send us the extra material using one of the following sites: Rapid Share, Dropbox, Fire Upload, YouSendIt, Google Drive, etc.). Simply upload the extra material and send us the link of it.
Competing in this category is optional.

c) Category SCRIPTA OFF (only extra material)
If you participated in in any international volunteering experience in the last 3 years, you can participate by sending us extra material according to the rules of Category PLUS (upload the material, and send the link(s) by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
You won't be considered as a competitor, because it is not possible to participate only with extra material. This extra material will be taken into account to be included in the section SCRIPTA OFF of the e-book, or it might be uploaded on the project's website as promotional material.


In order to participate, just register on this page, and when your account is created and you log in, the "WRITE YOUR STORY" button should be available to submit your story. You can write your story in the form of a reportage, story, diary entry, poetry, etc. After submitting, you should wait for the editorial team to approve your story, so you become a competitor.


The deadline for submissions is 01.04.2015. Possible extension of the deadline will be announced on the website.
Upd.: The time limit for submission of stories was extended.

New deadline is: 15.06.2015


The works are not going to be refunded, and Associazione Culturale Link reserves the rights to use them without asking permission of the author. The selected works (texts or extra material) will be included in the final products (book, e-book, website).


Submissions will be evaluated by an international jury composed of 5 coordinators of international volunteering projects from the partner organizations. The jury will decide on both categories separately, and reward the prizes to the winners.
Their decisions are expected to be announced by 01.08.2015.


More information and clarifications are given by contacting Associazione Culturale Link, head office - Via Silvio Pellico 10, 70022 Altamura (BA), Italy, or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also receive more information in a different project language by contacting one of the partners.