The Scriptamanent Project



The main aim of the project is to stimulate active participation of ex-volunteers in promoting international volunteer activities and involving other young people. The project also intends to provide new interactive tools to youth organizations to disseminate good practices and mobility opportunities in Europe, bringing innovation in youth work. Ex-volunteers will be invited to write about their volunteer experiences and to produce multimedia supporting materials.  The final outcome of the project will be: a website with all the stories of the volunteers and all the "extra" materials suche as videos, pictures, audio files, etc.;  a traditional book collecting all the stroies in different languages; an e-book including the stories and hyperlinks to extra materials. All the materials will be distributed in all the participitating countries and will be available and downloadable for free from the official website. These tools will be used by youth organizations and by ex-volunteers to support information campaigns and promotional activities, with the aim of increasing the volume of young people involved in international projects. The project also foresees training activities for youth workers who will act as multipliers in their local realities and will promote cross-media trainings al local level, contributing to decrease digital exclusion.  Scriptamanent Plus will give more visibility international volunteer activities and will help to involve other young people meanwhile introducing innovation, new technologies and new media in daily youth work. The project promotes multilingualism and cultural diversity, active participation, commitment and sense of initiative and enterpreneurship of young people and contributes to the quality of youth support systems in Europe.