A girl who has a to do list was in Altamura.

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Dear Italian diary, the first day I got lost and took a taxi. I talked myself. Okay.I hit my shoes each other and I will be my home. Let me start from the beginning. When I first came across with the EVS application form, it took me only for a minute to decide to apply. Suddenly claiming that “I am moving to Italy” brought some tough resistance as well. Well, how did my EVS story began? First of all like all other EVS volunteers all time there was the question: “How am I going to spend my two month ahead” in my mind. Of course getting lost was not on the list. Or, likewise, explaining where I intended to go in English to Italian taxi driver whom does not even speak a word in English was not part of my plans. Finally, I arrived to the typical meeting point called Porta Bari and was welcomed there by an Italian man saying “Welcome to Altamura”. Well, now you get to know Sante whom not only is an entertaining Italian but also very gentleman driver taking me home where I was going to live.
Then I found myself working with precious people whom never stopped showing me support with always smiling faces. My colleagues whom never lose their positive energy however they were tired and busy were Birgit, Lucia, Sante, Carles and Mino: builders of LINK.
Life was very peaceful in calm Altamura. I became a real French among my French homemates. In between us, until other homemates who are British arrived, I thought I was going to learn French soon. Then another French, a German and a Macedonian arrived. Followed by a Spaniard, an Armenian and many more. You should have seen how people at home were striving to find wifi connection. Sharing pasta was Sunday tradition; kitchen adventures and discovering other cultures... I had already formed my social life. Well, the thanksgiving day was on at the door. Who would ever like to spend thanksgiving day alone? That night when everybody presented something from their own culture, serving Turkish coffee was my part. Please tell me whom can translate the phrase that I used while giving a fortune telling session to a friend: “Hanene ay doğmuş : The moon rose in your home”. Even google translate could not interprete that.
Since the number of Italians who speak English did not increase, we immediately started taking Itailan language courses. Those latin languages, feminine and musculine... A little warning for you, should never try to make an accent when an Italian person teaches you Italian language.
During one of meetings that I suddenly attend, we decided to make a project which was about recycling for the Christmas time and named it “Green Christmas”. We invited the public in weekdays and organized several workshops for them. Then, I moved to Milano (Verbania) for a training. My calm and peaceful town life got replaced with the consumption culture. Cultural exchange with new volunteer people, karaoke parties and gangam style dances not to freeze in cold. All meant to same to me, fun fun fun...

EVS was an amazing experience for me. Living with people who have distinct cultures, spending christmas time being a volunteer and celebrating the new year’s eve with friends while feeling like home... Seeing yourself that you can do many things for other and now witnessing that you also did many things for yourself...

The girl who grew up with Woody Allen’s movies returned home very happy with her less weighting “to do list” in her pocket. Thank you very much EVS!

With love from lemon Hande

Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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