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Do you all know what is going to happen in 57 days in my life? Yes, yes, yes! I'm going to visit THERE. Yes, exactly – this special THERE! I'm so happy because of that! Och! C'mon! Don't you know where THERE is? I talked so much about it so many times and you still don't remember... THERE is in this strange strict country that seems to lead the whole European Union. Yes, this one with one of the best economical situations in Europe. Exactly this where so many migrants are and where people drink beer, eat sausages, have very good football clubs and good highways! You need more hints about THERE? THERE is in this big region in the richer part of the country. Yes – it has many well-known companies and airplanes going to every part of the world. Still nothing? Ok, THERE is in a lovely city of a great dialogue philosopher – Martin Buber, outdoor swimming pool, shops closing at 8p.m. and a hostel situated in a castle on a hill. Finally THERE is in a white building that can host 60 people at the same time, employs 25 nice people ans has a big garden with many funny trees. THERE is also called „Haus am Maiberg” and is a centre for civic education.
You're probably wondering why I'm so excited about the visit in 57 days. So, THERE was a place where I lived for one year of my intensive life! I worked in THERE as a volunteer helping to organise and coordinate international youth exchanges. Every day I wrote tons of e-mails, called thousands of people, copied million of sheets of paper and prepared seminar rooms for our workshops on Europe, diversity and democracy. But it's not everything what THERE was. I also lived in THERE, slept, ate, took a rest, trained gymnastic in the garden, prayed and stood next to the window while raining. You know, I also met in THERE people from different countries and these two important Kasias from Poland.
Why is it so special to me and I'm paying so much attention to THERE? Probably because of the fact that THERE opened my proffesional life path – I try to work with young people coming from different places in the world. Probably because I often felt cheerful (especially after swimming in the morning!) and needed in THERE. Maybe also because people were nice to me and smiled even if I didn't understand what they're talking about. But at the same time I have also some „less” nice memories. THERE made me feel lonely, frustrated and angry on everybody around me. THERE tried to convince me that i'm too weak for such kind of job. THERE made me think that I'm indecisive, inpatient, egoistic, wanting a special attention from everybody around and not being able to deal with any problems. Actually there were many moments when I thought about ending my stay in THERE. THERE was sometimes like a survival that I wasn't used to.
Was it a good decision to stay in THERE until the end of the project? Surely yes. This survival realized me what a strong person I'm and how much courage, craziness, spontaneousity I have. THERE brought to the light my biggest talent – of very quick adopting to different places, situations and people. THERE helped me to understand according to what values I want to live and that the freedom of choice is a crucial thing in decision making process for me. Right after the EVS I felt like I would have discovered a new „me” which was actually an old „me” but in a new – more self-confident version. Thank You very much for making me stronger, my THERE and see You in 57 days!

Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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