A cat tale

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A cat tale

Dedicated to an EVS friend

Ιt all started when the cat went out of her cage. She took a step forward onto the grass and she felt the humidity. It shook her up but it was that weird feeling of shaking the core cells of her inner being. Her teachers at school had warned her that going too far from the cage would cause severe tensions of independence and inner struggle.
But one day, she touched by mistake the cold metal and she understood that
her world is further than this, the old black cat was narrating through the eloquent stories of wild nature. She stepped on the grass and moving her body in a swinging
manner. It would have been two hours of heading towards the wild nature. The trees were as she had read in the scientific atlas for young kittens, like enormous sticks with feathers.
«Sometimes, I feel sad.»
«My mother - Mrs. Cat with curly, pink hair and a dress with flowers, comes every morning with her squeaky voice and she brings me kitten croquets with cheese. It wouldn’t be brave enough if I left her cozy kitchen with the oaky chairs and the small windows out of candies.»
The word brave reminded her of her cousin Catty, the only one out of her cat community that decided to explore the wild nature. The day she left, prepared a bag with cheese croquets, some water in case she got thirsty and her bubbly bow out of plastic. She was waving her hands, greeting Kitten, with a posture of winner going to conquer the wild nature.
But, the Black Cat had warned her:
«There are a lot of things that are fiercely scary. The trees make noise when the wind meets them and the grass is always wet because humans put glue in order to captivate wild cats. People love housing cats, prisoning them to feel the comfort of being with someone. We, wild cats, have never known what loneliness means.»
In fact, the word loneliness was a peculiar word. It was far too big and the two ‘s’ confused her more. She tried once to spell it but the Black cat told her that separating the words was like separating the cheese from the croquets. Her thoughts were mixed with mud that had stuck on her pink foot. The mud in fact was the wild nature. She was dirty, she was hungry and the grass had water that was stickier than the one
she was used to.
«Maybe it’s the glue», she thought.
Suddenly, her vision got blurry, the darkness covered her eyes and she could see only that she was floating in the air. After some minutes the light came again and she realized that an old woman, a human, had taken her and put her in a bag. She was not anymore in the wild nature. The Black cat was right: humans need tenderness and steal fluffy kittens from the wild nature. They need them to caress them in the nights, when they feel that lonely feeling, Kitten couldn’t even spell.
The human was speaking in an unknown language, full of exclamations and to be sincere, it was kind of peculiar watching her gestures with her wrinkles going up and down on her face like balloon ropes in the sky. The rest of the night, he took Kitten on her knees and was reading her stories from a book. The pictures on it, were full of colours, not like the books that Black Cat had taught her. She was gurgling out of pleasure, maybe even better when her mother was caressing her.
She realized that when she was making this sound, the woman was happy and singing.
«Only when I gurgle, people are happy. What astrange behavior», she thought.
The next morning found her less confused, as when she woke up she realized that her paws were no longer muddy- the human had cleaned the dirt from her pink toes and now she could be able to lick them in terms of satisfaction.
When the human gazed at her and smiled she felt a warm feeling of love. This kind of love that spreads from head to toes and fills every core of her being. He came and caressed her once again, but now it was not meant to surprise her anymore.
In fact she wanted to play around his legs and swing with her tail. The more she was doing this, the merriest the human was becoming.
«Warmth tends to make them happy», she thought.
Days were passing by, but no matter how love she was accepting from the human she was missing her family, even the Black cat. She decided then, to go back. Her decision was not based on emotions however.
«Sometimes, we belong somewhere. This somewhere is what fills us, makes us cooking cheese croquets all day, whispering during the classes of Black Cat and laughing with the catty jokes.»
She knew now. She took her warm memories from the big house and the strange human and paved along the muddy way.
«Now, I know, I won’t get so muddy again.»
Her half heart was there no matter how many times she tried to forget.
The human realized that she lost her, but wasn’t sad.
«That’s the way it goes with cats», she thought and smiled.

Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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