Lu in a country of EVS

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My story will be like fairy tale in some parts. I hope that you will like it. Thank you in advance.
So if all of us are ready, I start. Here we are: me and my story.

In a certain kingdom, in a certain state lived a small girl Lu, with her mother and step-father. She also had a brother, who went to faraway country to find a work.
The country, that they lived in, was a small country, hardly ever seen on the map. The name of the small country was Arme.
After Lu finished her school and graduated from the university, she started to look for a job, as she wanted to help her family. Unfortunately she couldn’t, as she had just graduated the university and she did not have experience to start the work. In that country there was one more way to find a job, if you did not have an experience. The name of that “magical tool” was “ rich relatives”. That “tool” would help you to find a job, even if your knowledge was not the best one. But Lu did not have that “tool”, but instead of that, she managed to find the “castle”, the “magical castle”.

The “castle” was not big, but things that were happening inside of the “castle” were very interesting.
What Lu learned about that Castle, was that such kind of castles were in many countries and they helped people to learn new things, to meet new people, to have an experience in different fields, to see new countries, new cultures, new traditions, new, new, new… Everything that opened the “castle” for people was NEW.

That castle was a kind of a tool, that Lu was talking about, but in that case you did not need rich relatives or somebody to help you. The only thing that you needed was your WISH.

The wish to help people without getting anything material, as that feeling was unique in its case, you could not compare it with anything else.

The wish to share your love, to give it to the people who really need it.

The wish to go towards new, it is not easy for a person, who never went away from his/her nose. But when you decide to do it, at that time you start your life,at that time you start to think in another way, at that time you understand how many people waste their time for nothing.

Returning to Lu, yes, she also decided to do that step, the step that seemed easy for the beginning. She left her hometown and went toward the new. From the first minute she was excited, excited because she had some expectations and fears.

It is always like that when you are starting to do something new for you.

Passed 8 months and now she can describe to you her life, her feelings, her experience, her difficulties.

- Hello my dears, my name is Lusine Olshevskaya and I am from Armenia. I am doing my EVS in Poland for already 8 months, and there are still left 3, as my project is for 11 months.
Ohhhh, my EVS… Yes it is amazing, it is something I even can not explain in words. I am a volunteer in the office. What does it mean for me??? Since I am here, I learned so many things: different programmes, to write articles, communicate with people of differnt ages, from different countries, wth different traditions and so on. Learned a lot about culture and traditions of Poland. Shared with them about traditions of my own country, as not so many people know about Armenia.
But the thing that I like most is: I met people who were working with disable children and adults. After meeting and talking with them I understand:

- people often complain that they can’t have this or that thing without realizing, that they walk in the street without anybodies help, while there is a person who wishes to walk, who wishes to do several steps without help
- people do not pay attention that they can see, can breath, are healthy, can move their hands easily and eat without problem, while another one just dreams about that

The lesson that I take is to appreciate everything, that I have and if I have time, love, attention I can share it with people who need my time, my love and my attention. And in return you receive more love, even without words you can see it in the eyes of a person to whom you give it.

My dears if you have an apple, don’t eat it alone, share it with a person who need it. After you will understand how important it is for you and for a person with whom you share it. And only after that you will see how you are changed and how it helps you to become a little bit better, than you were the day before.

The fairy tale is finished and the real life starts. But nobody stops you to do things that will help you to appear in a fairy tale even for a short period.

Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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