The butterfly effect

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Just another hot sunny day in the middle of spring-2013…
The train is slowly towing its body on the rails, yet so elegantly that you get jealous at it for being able to stand in front of the God of the Light for so long without giving away even one single drop of its sweat. Amazing! The best thing that can offers to its traveling admirers is them not to miss a single moment of the beauties that they are passing through along the way. It makes sure to be at the right speed so that the gracious Carpathian will take each hidden breath out of them. And there it is - the longest of them all; the big darkness that will swallow all this beauty in a blink of an eye... It is just fascinating how one forgets to enjoy the beauty of the light when traveling and then a tunnel comes along, placed right in the heart of a mountain to remind us of the privilege that we have had. How long can a minute in a tunnel last? Too long… For a moment there she felt like the darkness consuming her. She got scared! But then… Then she felt the warmth of the first ray of light that announced the return of the day – the new chance to enjoy the light; a chance for a brand new start… She smiled!

The announcement (9 months earlier)
She: Mom, dad… (long pause) I am going to Romania!
The silence took over the room. She was not surprised but yet, it was hurting like crazy to see that look of disappointment in their eyes. They didn’t say anything, but the silence was too loud, actually screaming at her ears all the things that she did not want to hear. Teardrops on a young lady’s pillow were shed in the night before the 1st of August 2012, but no sound of crying was heard.

Challenge number 1
In the classroom for the first time… One whole team of little Einsteins waited to be enlightened. Their chicks were bursting like the genuine red Tetovo apples and their looks were fixed at her and only at her.
She was trembling. These hungry look of their eyes eager to discover the world, full with questions ready to get out and with the most sincere reactions that you can ever get, made her feel like a small bird that is learning how to fly. She stands on the edge of the cliff, spreads her wings, swallows the fear of failure and she dives into the air – the fresh air of change. The taste of freedom is probably the most relaxing and fulfilling thing you can ever get to taste.
She: The lesson is over? So fast?! I want more!!!
One of the children from the class makes his way through the big group like a brave soldier and jumps into her arms to hug her.
Child: I love you Miss Macedonia!
That was it! In that precise moment she knew that she was at the right place. She represented everything that Macedonia meant to them. And they loved her! Sincerely!

Challenge number 2
She: Each time you enter these places you have to be brave and force yourself to be in your best mood, even if all you want to do is go home and hide from the world under your blanket, thinking that maybe this will erase all the bad things around you. You should never allow yourself to be consumed by the atmosphere of these places, but even more, you should try your best to change it. Still, I love going there!
She was looking over and over for so many times through these sad faces trying to see every line and trying to read every gesture. Children in wheelchairs, children without limbs, with burned skin, children without parents, parents without hope… It was painful each time to try to imagine their story, not to say how extremely hard would have been if she had to live a life like this. It’s hard to be under their skin. She was grateful for her well condition and the life she had and for that she decided not to save even a bit of her energy when she is going at the hospital to visit these people… these children. She loved them without knowing them, without expecting something from them. Ok, maybe just a little smile on their face.
And do not think even for a minute that she was a Saint. Far from that… Each time she knew that she had to go there, she felt how her legs are going back at home, not letting her to go and do her job. But once she entered there, she felt like a superhero going to save the world and she liked it. Every time she found herself in a crossroad and she had storm in that crazy head of hers, that if you get the chance to have a pick of what’s inside, it would look like a bomb full of questions, she just needed to remind herself of these smiles and she was back on the track. Yes, sometimes stupid questions pop out in person’s mind, especially when the entire world, all of her world, is looking at her with judgmental eyes.

After nine months of making origami, clinic animation, working with drug addicted people, dancing with flags, puppetry, shadow theatre performances, lessons in many schools and kindergartens in Bucharest…

The train whistled loudly to announce the stopping at Predeal. She woke up and realized that she must hurry up if she doesn’t want to miss her station.
Predeal is such an amazing place. It is one small city hidden in the hug of the Carpathian Mountains and so quite that you can hear your own heartbeat. Why taking a taxi? Little bit of walking in the mountains is never a bad idea. Step by step she was marching her way to the hotel. Lots of things passed through her mind, but she was glad to realize how much she gained from that fruit salad she’s been living in. Each of these fruits have had different taste and each one of them gave her one unique experience that lifted her higher than she ever was. And she liked to be in the role of the person making the degustation. She was happy that even though she woke up, she was still living her dream – working with children was her dream and the friends she gained during the EVS project were irreplaceable. Each time you take the opportunity to talk to one of them is a chance for you to discover something new, so you can never feel bored. That was pretty awesome.

At the presentation (Hotel Eden, Predeal)
She stands in front of 27 new volunteers from other countries that came here, in Romania, to do their EVS. They seemed so innocent from EVS-volunteering-point of view. She wanted to transfer all of her knowledge, all that she had experienced so far to them, but instead she decided to let them figure out the right place of each piece of the puzzle by themselves and of course, enjoy the process.
Shht… The presentation is beginning...

She: Have you ever heard about the butterfly effect? This is a term used in the theory of the Chaos to describe the way how a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result large differences in the later state. Imagine you’re at home doing the thing you are doing. Think about your future from that point on. Now let’s make like this: instead of “deterministic nonlinear system” put your name and as a change, we’ll take the EVS project you have chosen. Again imagine your future but now from this point on. Someone sees the difference in the results?

Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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