Once upon a time somwhere in Poland...

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Hello. My name is Gosia. I am from Poland. I want to introduce you with someone. Actually I want to tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortable? With a cup of tea or coffee? No? Ok, take your time, we are not in hurry.  
        Now it's better, no? Of course, it's always better to read a story while drinking hot cup of coffee. Let's start... 
        Imagine a room. Not very small, but not so big. Normal room of a girl – walls painted in yellow, green curtains, a bed, a desk, some shelves with girly stuff, a guitar in the corner. And a girl. Normal girl sitting in front of her computer. Long hair, glasses, calm, warm looking. Nothing extraordinary. Ouch, I almost forgot! The Cat. Black and white pet which makes her life a bit more crazy. He's not just one normal cat. He is The Cat living in his own world. But now he's sleeping on her knees, so let's go back to the girl. Yes, she is sitting in front of her computer but soon she will go to work. Look, she is moving The Cat to the bed, taking her stuff and going out. Outside is sunny, we’re in the beginning of August. She is taking a bus. She's a bit nervous; her boss will work with her today which always makes her uptight. Everything will be fine if he will be in good mood. If he’s not - worst. She never knows what to expect from him. She arrives to the place. Yes!!! Judging by his face it's his good day, so maybe it will not be so bad.  
Now let her work. During that time it's good to tell you few words about her. She is Polish. She studies pedagogy and works in the playground for children. I'm not sure if she likes her job. She has there nice friends but her boss is a very difficult person. Sometimes he could be very rude, he is unpredictable. But he's The Boss, which means he will never be nice. She lives in the capital with her sister and one flat-mate. She is completely independent – she works for her needs so her parents don't have to help her. When she has a free weekend she visits them in the countryside. In the capital she has few friends but she doesn't have so  much free time to see them. She works a lot and she really needs some free time for studying. Like now. Look, she came back home and she is reading something. For sure those are the pages which she should prepare for the next day for her University.  
        Isn't it a bit boring? Studying and working, working and studying... No time for anything else. Let's go to another day from her life, maybe something will change. But... Just a second. How is your coffee? Do you need short break to make another one? No? Ok, let's continue our travel.  
        Oh, look! This is the day when her flat-mate forgot to close a window and The Cat decided to go for a walk outside. Actually he decided to run out from the safe house. (I have told you – it's not a normal cat). It's a second hour when she's trying to find this crazy pet. It's hot, she is about to cry, walking so fast that is seems like she is almost running around the building and calling him. No results. You should know, she considers this cat as her best friend. Maybe it's a weird animal but still a part of her life so she doesn't want to lose him. Fortunately after few hours her neighbor found him somewhere under the desk and informed her. It was the first time when something in her life could have changed. She could lose something what was a part of her maybe boring but safe everyday life. And it wouldn't be a good change. You can thing It was only a cat, she could have another one. No, no. She built something and she didn't want anything to destroy it.  
And now I wish to stop in this point of our story. But we have to go farther. We have started to know her better so we have to go farther... 
        I wish to stop now because it's starting... 
        Look, she's in the bus on her way to work. She is a bit nervous like always when she goes there. But something is wrong. Can you see? It's still August, it's a sunny day. But around her... Can you see now? The darkness around her? Now it's not so visible and it's quite far from her but it appeared. And it won’t be gone for a long time. You will see. 
        Few days after, she is at University. You can see the dark circle around her. Now you can, right? The darkness is more visible now and it takes more space around her. No one can see this, even she cannot.  
        One week after… She doesn't know why and what but she feels that something has changed. She has no energy to work, to go to the University, to wake up in the morning. Now she thinks that maybe she is just tired. She needs to go to the countryside to visit her parents and there she can rest. 
        Tree weeks after… She is more tired. She doesn't like her job anymore and her studies as well. She doesn't want to go out but she has to. Every day is the same. How is it possible that days are so dark even if outside is sunny? 
        Fortunately she has The Friend. He knows her, he can see that something is wrong. "You need a change. Change something in your life, otherwise you will be eaten by being grey everyday".   
        How are you now? We passed the worst part of the story. Now we will put more light in her life, do you want?  
        Yes, I know, she is again in front of her computer. But now she is trying to change something. Her Friend gave her new energy. He was like sunbeam which won his way against the clouds. She decided to change everything, so she is searching for an EVS project. She doesn't know that yet but right now, in this precise moment, she is starting to build her own rainbow. 
        Now everything is going very fast. Interviews on Skype with the president of her future association, the announcement of the decision that she is one of the chosen people for the project, fly-ticket, last hours with her family, last tears on the airport and WELCOME TO ROMANIA! 

She is in the car on the way from the airport to her new flat with two Portuguese people. She cannot say even one word. She is scared. She doesn't know what will happen tomorrow. She doesn't speak English very well. She left everything what was safe for her, what she liked, everyone who she loved. She left The Cat! But she knows that tomorrow will be different than during the last year. It's again the beginning of August and this August will change everything in her life.  
        First meeting with all the volunteers. "I don't understand. I don't remember their names. It's hot. How can I buy water if I don't know how to ask? I remember this guy from Facebook. No, no, no, I don't want to say anything about me! WHO ARE THEY...?" 
        First origami training. "I am a genius, I made an origami ball" 
        First visit in hospital. "No, no, no, stop crying Look, this is a bird. And a monkey...Yes, she is smiling!". 
        First lesson. "Improvisation is my second name". 
 Yes, first days in the project were like a big surprise for me. Actually, still, each new day surprises me. I met new people who I couldn't have met if I stayed in Poland. And I'm sure I can call them My Friends. Not two or three of them but almost 20. And you know what? I finally feel useful. There is someone who needs me, needs my origami ball or maybe just my smile. Do you know what is the first memory I have from the hospital? There was a small girl in her room. We were five new volunteers, a bit shy, without any knowledge of Romanian language. I tried to play with her using puppets but she was afraid, she started to cry. I didn't know what to do, I didn't have any words to express myself. I started to play with my hands with her. And she stopped crying - she smiled. That is my first memory – tree year old girl smiling because I played with her.  
        Sorry? Ah, you are asking where is the girl from the beginning of this story? I'm sorry but she will not back any more. Actually I'm not sorry at all. That girl from the beginning was me more than one year ago.  Do you know what? I don't like her anymore... I like much more me after 9 months in this EVS project - more open for new experiences, for new people, more self-confident, speaking English, more sure of what I want to do in my life. More sure that life is not about money and work and sure that people who are around you are the most important. Sure that if you want you can do everything even if someone tells you that you are not able to.  
        And now I'm sitting in front of my computer (again:)) and I'm thinking that when I will make 1000 origami birds and I’ll be able to have a wish, I would like to wish to you to experience the EVS volunteering.  
        So are you telling me that you want to make an EVS project? Perfect! But, be careful... It will put more colors in your life. So open your mind and go ahead! :)  

Fifth Edition

5While closing the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, after the final meeting in Izmir, we are already preparing the new call for the next edition of the project. Stay tuned!

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