Waiting for Terrassa

video-camera-hiAfter the kick-off meeting in Altamura, the team is now preparing the next step of the project. From the 21st to the 26th of April, two youth workers from each partner organization, will meet in Terrassa (Spain) for a training course than will be hosted by La Vibria Intercultural. This meeting aims to provide tools for the implementation of local activities with young people around communication issues. Thanks to the local actions we want to stimulate young people to write their stories and to work on the production of extra materials. In the seven countries involved, there will be organized activities such as traning courses, workshops, seminars and sessions to exchange competences in creative writing, video shooting, editing, photography, media literacy.


First meeting

awaTwo representatives from each partner organization, met in Altamura for the first meeting of Scriptamanent Plus. The meeting was hosted by the coordinating organization, Associazione Culturale Link from the 11th to the 14th of March.


The fourth edition is Plus!

Dear friends all over Europe, Associazione Link is ready to lauch the 4th edition of Scriptamanent, in cooperation with the partners from United Kingdom, Romania, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey.

This year Scriptamanent will be PLUS, in the meaning that you will be able to send your stories PLUS videos, picture, audio files and any extra material to better communicate your experience abroad! The final outcome will be a traditional book, like the ones we have produced in the previous editions, PLUS an e-book containing interactive contents. This year the project is supported by Youth in Action Program (Action 4.4 - Projects encouraging innovation and quality). The rules for participation will be published on this webpage very soon.


Final meeting in Italy


Associazione Link, as the coordinator of the project, will host in Altamura-Matera the final meeting of the project from the 26th to the 31st of October 2012. Representatives of the partner seven organization will join the Italian partner to discuss about the outcomes of the project, its impact and to share ideas about the follow-up.

 Download the program

Bienvenue à Dinan

Dinan Scripta

The meeting in Dinan was a great success! A new group of ex-volunteers met in the nice medieval city in Brittany to promote the book, its stories of volunteer work, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. The meeting was hosted by the French partner of the project Intercultura and was the last national meeting before the final evaluation.


Un encuentro inolvidable

terrassa small

The Scriptamanent Meeting in Terrassa took place 8-12 September 2012, and will be remembered for long time for the participants, but also for local community.


Strumica Dream

11 1

The 5th meeting of Scriptamanent project took place from 14th – 18th September in Strumica, Macedonia. 12 ex-volunteers from Italy, Poland, Greece, France, Lithuania, Latvia and Spain come together to promote Scriptamanent book, volunteering and active citizenship in creative way.


Welcome to Amsterdam!


 Scriptamanent goes to Amsterdam! After Italy, Portugal and Romania, a new meeting with new volunteers and new stories to tell, will start today in the capital of the Netherlands. The event, organized in cooperation with the Dutch partner NEVISO will help us to promote volunteerism and active citizenship... and of course the book, our priceless tool to disseminate the power of volunteer work in Europe.


Scriptamanent meeting in Targu Jiu

gruppo scripta

The meeting in Targu-Jiu has been the third step of our promotional tour of Scriptamanent book. Now, waiting for the next meetings, we invite you to read a report of our friends from Romania who organized the meeting.


Scriptameeting was in Portugal!


After the meeting in Italy, Scriptamanent arrived to Portugal!

Between 3rd and 7th August, ex-volunteers from 10 different countries met in Costa de Caparica to promote the Scriptamanent book, volunteering and active citizenship, in 3 different groups they came up with soooooo many ideas. 3 days full of activities! Together with a bass band concert, press conference, passive flash mobs, karaoke and surprisingly enough, we only ate Bacalhau (codfish) once!