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When I decided myself to go abroad a few months ago, I wanted to have big life change, but I really didn’t have any idea where this wish would be sending me and what I wanted to do in the future with my life. So it was probably destiny that this interesting opportunity found me, to go abroad as a volunteer of the European Voluntary Service to the south of Italy, where I, by the way, always wanted to go.


Everything happened  in one month and with help of my friends, who already did their own EVS. It was on 1.2.2012 when I luckily landed first in Roma, then in Bari, and in the end I finally arrived to Altamura... and here started story of my italian EVS.

Altamura is a small city in the countryside of the south of Italy, with around 70 thousand inhabitants and with a big amoungh of narrow, cosy, small streets, pavement with cold stones and it is famous for its amazing altamuran bread. It is really excellent and got my sympathy directly because it reminds me of my childhood and also the smell of  bread is unforgettable for me, and it makes me the feel like home, especially in Slovakia, where we honor our guests with fresh bread and salt in old traditional habits.

I found in Italy a lot of others trifles that I like and they are close to me, for example sunny mornings, when the city is not yet awake, typical italian music of streetmusicants accordion sounds, or perfumed laundry which is hanging on the balconies, which are current everywhere and which effect is like aromatherapy for me when I wander during the afternoon siesta  and across  the empty streets of my town without any goal.

Also those right afternoon’s siestas when are you going to take a rest from work and have a calm lunch with friends, late dinners and the even more later returns home are what is in my gusto. It is the calm quit and on the other side also the passionate chaos that mutually interwines, complements and together creates the typical italian atmosphere, when you don’t have to hurry for nothing, and neither you don´t have to think about the future. The only thing you have to do is enjoy every moment of your present right now.

I think EVS is one big step in life of everyone who did it and it helps to find and pass the personality of everyone of us in a unique direction, it forms our mind and the vision of the world and at least I have that feeling that it´s daily opening me new horizons and undiscovered directions which I can go in way on my life. It’s an addition of unlimited opportunities every minutes, what make our projects special and the fact that we can try and learn new things which we didn’t have possibility to know better. It’s EVS what gives to our lives mean and soul.

On the second side is voluntary substitutable also because everyone of us is putting part of himself into his EVS, his heart, feelings, emotions.. is it empathy and also help to more powerless and to more unhappy people.

We are trying to make connection between common consume life and life about which is a lot of times silence, because it is not so easy to hear about misery and sadness. People should help each other, not everyone has this luck to be born in a complete family, healthy or in the country where is food and water possible to drink in daily program. Those are basic human rights what is not given to all of powerless children, careful mothers or to self-sacrificing fathers. We, volunteers, together as a team are trying to build something what has deeper sense, maybe everyone of us in other country and maybe in the different ways, but the most important is that we do it for us, for people, for the Earth. We distribute nice smiles for everyone, compassionate understanding and never ending support with willingness, and while we are tryining to help in the best way how is it possible for us has our EVS and work sense.

Every EVS is different, it is not possible to compare how is it  important, because a small picture what make smile on the face of children or old person is equally important as the selfless help in emergency for the people to whose we are giving our attention.

Also everyone of us is good in the different things and is here for some reason, I believe in this equally like that everyone attracts to himself people and facts, whose can also to help us  how to learn and make a progress. The people, with whom we have a reason to spent our time, because they are those who help us to create our life. Thanks to EVS also I found in myself a direction in what I want to continue and to educate in. Is it an art what I find in myself. I like this work which is full of creativity what is everywhere around me and the possibility to travel a lot, to work and to meet with interesting people and know them better and learn from them a lot of new things. I had always been very close to esthetic and also work with people is not strange for me, so here in Italy where people are so close to each other more like in other countries and where every breath is full of beauty, art and esthetic feelings I feel inspirited on every step I do.

I can just feel how is my mind opening, similarly to children, which doesn’t have a fair to old things change and the new create. I think that with the help of the colors and of the art we can do the world more beautiful, funnier and more colorful not just on the top but also in our hearts and memories.

There are a lot of  reasons why I would recommend EVS to everyone; it’s motivating, it’s developing, it’s moving the personal limits and it’s opening new opportunities… it is an big live inspiration and in my opinion it should be obvious for everybody to take part in it. Maybe it would be nice to establish it like obligatory civil service to public, but I’m afraid that in this way it would lose the unique volunteering charm.

It is a priceless experience what I recommend to everyone to know better a new country, culture and interesting people from different nations, learn the new languages and also how to be independent, become familiar with new environment and coexistence with different persons from the diverse countries. It is not always easy way, I am not saying it, but I think that volunteering should not be easy. And in the end in the behind of everything what is important is always hard work and that what makes the value.

I’m grateful that I accepted the offer of the destiny to be a part of this project and I decided to enjoy it with everything what it includes in.

So if you are not sure and you are playing with the idea to go and make your EVS, I would like to motivate you with my experience, because EVS is one never ending live motivation...or the way how you can learn and Enjoy Various Styles.

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