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Es esmu brīvprātīgais- I am a volunteer, it sounds in Latvian. I am a volunteer in Latvia now. But I am in my heart and in my soul - UKRAINIAN. Ukraine and Latvia. Their shares 1384 miles. That is the distance between Kiev the capital of Ukraine, the city where I was studying and from where I came and Rezekne the heart of Latgale, a great city, where I am doing my EVS now.

There is a country in the world with vast expanses, endless fields of rye, wheat, with golden ears, with blue, like the azure sky, with steppes and forests that do not cover the eye. A country where you expect most native people, the country, which cried out your thoughts when you are happy and when you want to share this joy. When you are sad, in your mind again native Ukraine, the family and friends. In my opinion infinitely dear grandmother, who holds me, gives me all her love and kindness, all her boundless heart, full of warmth. She is willing to give everything, everything and nothing asked in return, just only a single that you were happy, that she saw your smile, and then she happiest also and she do not need nothing more. Her weary hands gently caress me, comfort, and each of her touch comes tranquillity, peace, faith and hope, comes life.

And wherever I go, whatever I did - my grandmother always with me. She is my soul, she is my salvation, she is ... And I know that she also thinks of me, watching me, watching from heaven. She is rejoicing when I am rejoicing, she is sad when I am sad. My dear grandmother I miss you so much.

She always taught me: "Everything what you are doing from your heard – you doing at first for yourself ".

She always said "I am very rich, when I give to others."

Grandma, now I understand, it is golden words, it is sincere and true words.

This is what brings joy, inspiration, happiness, fills you with light, and you feel that you live, not just exist, and not just for yourselves, to meet your needs. You change, you change this world every good deed, you feel that you belong to this world, you feel your presence in this world, you feel...

How it is wonderful to know that you are able to do something good even for one person. It is real feeling from your heart, you do it for yourselves because you feel need help because of this, the soul comes peace. And you are flying. And it is in yourself, it is inside!

And now I, like never, have the opportunity to help others, make someone's life happier, to give a smile, and in return see a smiling face, happy eyes, tender embrace, and one sentence "Natasha do not go home, do not go to the Ukraine, stay here I do not want you to leave us. " And nothing more is needed, and tears begin to run, and you are not able to stop them. I can not describe my feelings at this moment, even if it wanted to, I do not have enough words, and words are not expressed, is that inside you have to feel. I do not know why, but at this point you feel that you are tremble and your heart wants to escape from the chest.

"Natasha do not go home, do not go to the Ukraine, stay here, I do not want you to leave us" – words, which say twelve years old girl, make you feel that. The girls, who lack maternal care, attention and affection, which so it is needed. But her mother is busy otherwise, it is more important for her to drink, than two wonderful daughters, for whom their mother is the best in the world.

And we just played along with them, taught Ukrainian language and Ukrainian poetry, draw, do homework, walking, and gave each other sincere hug and a smile and warmth of our hearts.

"Aunt Natasha, why you go so soon, why you do not want to stay".

Now, when I am writing it, I sadly realize that already passed more than half my project and I want time to stop. I really do not want to go. I would be hard without this children, without their noise, without their smiles, their hugs, jokes, games, without their strange words to me, because I only just 22 years, "Aunt Natasha." Without our lessons to each other: I taught them Ukrainian, they taught me Latvian. We were playing billiards, nous, uno. We celebrated Ukrainian holidays, New Year, Christmas, Easter, our birthdays, prepared pancakes, relished Ukrainian borscht and Latvian cuisine. It will be very sad without our games on the streets, without their faces, which I'm so used to, and have become like family to me.

I volunteer ... what does it mean for me?

This is another life, this is a new world, a new me. So, first of all it is change ... change all around, not just outside, the most important it is change inside. Changes in perception of the world, the perception of yourself, your views on your own life. You start to analyze your life from the perspective of another person. And then everything cleared up, and the problems that have been in your life seems like not a problems but like opportunities that you can use for development and improvement yourself.

And you really, more than ever, feel that you live in this the same time huge, but such a small world. And you understand that everything depends on you and you can do everything!

Yea, there are different moments in our life, because it is life. But we can give warmth and affection, hugs, smiles, part of our soul to people which are close to us. It is so … you receive much more than give.

"Change your attitude to the world, and then the world will change for you."

We need just open our eyes wider, look around, not only for ourself, and then a strange thing happens - we suddenly realize what it is real life …

I am a volunteer it is a new life, a new me!

I am a volunteer  it is smiling, happy children's faces!

I am a volunteer - and it is great!

Nataliia Tsekhmestruk (volunteer from Ukraine in Youth open center “JACis”

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